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Ciye Smart Goggles

The Future of Swimming

We are here help you improve and meet your fitness goals.

See real time feedback and get your swim information handsfree in the goggles. Achieve your performance targets and reach your fitness goals.


Lightweight (you won’t notice the difference), the display is to the side (you see everything in front of you) and its easy to swap between goggles (go from mirror to smoke with ease).


Swim when you want to and let the Ciye Smart Goggles handle all the counting and math.


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The Ciye Coach 

Designed for swimmers at all levels

The Coach In Your Eye, is your personal coach and cheerleader. It snaps into your goggles and displays all the information you would expect from a coach and more.


Get real time feedback and see the impact of your hard work. Automatically tracks and displays laps, splits, sets and time. 


Just keep swimming and the Ciye Coach will do the rest. 

Swim With Your Head


Post-workout, the Ciye Coach, in the app, will help you visualize your head motion in 3D over the course of your entire swim.


See every breath, turn, and twitch of your head. Look for areas where you can improve or just admire your beautiful head position.

Anchor CiyeCoach
3D Head

The Ciye App 

Explore, Share, Improve

Gain insights, achieve your goals, reach new milestones.


Connect with friends and share your swim. Compete, motivate and cheer each other on. Plan your next workout and see your progress.


Enjoy your swim and let the Ciye App make it fun! 

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What People Are Saying

Ciye’s Smart Goggle is a game changer. Lap swimming and sets are so much easier to keep track of, and the social integration is a great addition to what traditionally is a very individual sport. These are now 'must have' for all my swim workouts, pool or open water.

Anthony Robinson, Former USA National Team member and World Record Holder

IN THE BOX: goggles, Smart Coach module, magnetic USB charging cable, six interchangeable nose bridges, and protective carrying case. Available in blue, smoke and mirror.

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