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Ciye Smart Goggle Integration

Ciye is a new swimming solution to help swimmers improve and meet their fitness goals. Ciye’s in-goggle display and activity tracker gives real-time feedback to help you refine your technique and get the most out of your swim. Once you’re out of the water, Ciye’s app gives in-depth analysis for goal setting, workout planning, personalized coaching, and recommendations to help you improve. And they fit in your goggles, so no additional equipment to wear, no cables, no straps.

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About Ciye

Ciye’s mission is to improve the swimming experience and get more people in the pool to enjoy one of the top global fitness activities. Ciye is bringing “Smart” to the aquatics industry. All major sports have a “smart” component - running, cycling, baseball, tennis, golf - and now swimmers will enjoy all that technology provides - real time feedback, performance metrics and information to support improvement. Ciye’s elegant user experience makes swimming more enjoyable and helps swimmers achieve their fitness goals.

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Mike Hanson


Yuri Zhovnirovsky


Paul Zimmer

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