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Achieve your Fitness Goals with

Ciye Smart Glasses

The Future of Outdoors

A personal virtual coach that is always with you

Ciye's smart glasses bring a personalized coach to every workout right in the eyewear. The Ciye coach will motivate and help you reach your goals all through our patented at a glance technology


At a Glance Technology

Designed for Running, Biking, Hiking

At a Glance means that you get to consume the information on your terms. Our information display is designed to be invisible unless you look at it. Because we know that sometimes you just don't care about the numbers and want to enjoy the outdoors.


But when you do, we are there ready to be your personal coach and cheerleader. Displaying all the information you would expect from a coach and more.

Get real time feedback and see the impact of your hard work. Automatically tracks and displays your metrics. 

Just keep going and the Ciye Coach will do the rest. 

Anchor @ a glane

The Ciye App 

Explore, Share, Improve

Gain insights, achieve your goals, reach new milestones.


Connect with friends and share your workout. Compete, motivate and cheer each other on. Plan your next event and see your progress.


Enjoy the Outdoor and let the Ciye App make it fun! 


Want a Pair?

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