Frequently asked questions

When will you launch?

We are building towards our launch now. We will continue our final validation of the solution with swimmers in the pool with more laps.

How much will it cost?

The cost and the benefit have to line up for the consumer. We will offer multiple long term models we believe will work for all members of our swimming community. We are working every day to keep costs low and make the best product possible.

Why is this better/different than Zwim, SwimAR, etc?

The design is driven by the swimmer’s experience. The swimmer has the ability to glance at the display (when THEY want to) to see key information. By using proven, consumer components we have eliminated risk and minimized cost. We are swimmer focused, and we have solved for features/benefits swimmers want and need - independent of the goggle so we can swap into a new pair, easy to personalize, app driven.

Why is it better than a watch?

Watch is on the arm. Our location is ideal to measure and capture information. Our goal is real-time feedback to the swimmer for in the moment improvement and correction... a watch is not where you can glance at it without stopping, standing up and looking at it.

What kind of information is available?

While swimming: split, laps, distance. Post workout sync: Details and long term patterns on mechanics, distance, pace. A lot of data to help swimmers

Is it a whole goggle or add on?

We are not a goggle. We are a swimming solution that integrates with a standard goggle. Ciye integrates with your goggles for real-time display and we have an app that provides a wide range of features for workouts, post-swim analysis, trends, and virtual coaching