• Mike@ciye

Took a week off..

Not on purpose. Life happened. Kids sports, work , family events, etc. I did try and swim everyday, but could never find a time to make it work. Okay, one day, I did just not have the get up and go to make it work.

I just started swimming regularly again in January 2019. I have always been "in the water", but haven't been a regular surfer/swimmer for about 15 years, since moving to Northern California. I have swimming 2-4 times a week this year until this last week.

Overall, it turned out to be a great break. I really wanted to swim after a week had gone by and when I got in the pool it was better than expected. My fitness was a tad off, but my shoulder felt great and I got in a great swim session.

Having the Ciye swim module was very nice to have as well. I could see if my lap time was close to where I left off and I could swim my 100 and 200 sets by each lap time instead of just seeing the set time at the end.

Glad to be back in the pool and happy to know it's okay to take a break and not have it impact my overall fitness goals.