• Mike@ciye

Seeing Progress!

Nice weather, had my own lane and a friend happened to be in the lane next to me. The conditions were right and I was able to knock more than 10% of my 200 freestyle split! I have been watching videos and have been doing more sculling drills. I had a different feel on the start of my catch and I wanted to see if I could “lean into it” to improve my stroke. I was able to set my split goal (25 yards) and monitor in my goggles display. I was actually able to carry the new catch technique through all eight laps at the new pace. But beyond just my improved technique, having the Ciye goggles have been a game changer! The real-time feedback helps you refine your technique and get the most out of your swim because you are not distracted by checking a watch or a clock outside of the pool. My favorite experience today was trying to have all four 25 yard laps be equal for my 100 yard sets. The Ciye lap time display made it a lot easier to hit close to the mark. Switched to my "non Ciye, regular old" goggles for a few laps and immediately regretted the trade. Missed my lap time and lap count display.